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National Catholic Review talks about Fr. Greg Boyle and Home Boy Joy Ride

“If you’re a gang member, you need eyes in the back of your head, because somebody’s always going to do you wrong,” Steinbroner told NCR. “You trust no one. Father Greg reestablishes them as children of God. He allows them to rediscover who they are. He’s like a mirror for reflecting back on who they could become.” Paul Steinbroner Read More>>>

27th Annual International Energy Healing Virtual Conference and Leadership Meeting hosted by Healing Beyond Borders October 13-22, 2023 Learn more>>

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers Paul Steinbroner the Michael Ford Journalism Award

This award was developed in recognition of the immense leadership provided by Michael Q. Ford, the first Executive of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers…

Read more. 

Journeys On The Red Road explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery in Indian Country

Journeys On The Red Road is part of the Called From Darkness documentary series which explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery. It takes time but through humility and gratitude the miracle of transformational healing comes about and with it a commitment to authentic culture. The word journey connotes the interior quest for the meaning of one’s life. Profound spiritual experiences usually come after great loss and a massive dose of humility. Connection with something greater than oneself and authentic community can provide the impetus for transformational healing that evokes emotional and spiritual honesty.

Learn more about the journey down the red road.

Home Boy Joy Ride, a spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery

Home Boy Joy Ride is the first film in the Called From Darkness documentary series which explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery. Cessation of the drug is just a beginning and slowly through grace, gratitude, and humility the miracle of transformation occurs allowing former addicts to find joy, meaning & purpose.

Home Boy Industries is the living model of community and transformation. It is the starting point on a joy ride that takes people suffering from addiction, isolation, and marginalization to heaven on earth. This is where individuals come together to heal themselves and each other and rebuild their communities by finding meaning and purpose. “Homeboy is the same principle as drug addiction. Rehab is not for those who need it, but it is for those who want it.” Father Gregory Boyle

Read the interview with Father Greg Boyle and Homeboy Industries

Soul Sanctuary. The recovery community at Beit T’shuvah

Soul Sanctuary, our film with the recovery community at Beit T’shuvah, was just selected to play at the Compassion Film Festival.  This years theme is The Power of We! Our film is really about connection and community so being able to spread the message of finding meaning and purpose in dark times is a theme that will always be timely.

Read the interview with Harriet Rosetto and Rabbi Mark Borovitz

Stand Down. This Can-do attitude connects Veterans with legal, dental, housing, medical, and jobs training

Stand Down is all about getting all the social services that Veterans need to get them off the streets and into productive lives. Instead of running all all over the county we have dental, legal, medical services all in one place. Plus it has the advantage of giving people who feel isolated connection and community. Dr. Jon the founder of Stand Down calls it a cross drug free Woodstock festival combined with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Stand Down is an annual event that plays out in over 300 US cities. It was designed to leave no one. This Can-do attitude connects Veterans with services such as legal, dental, housing, medical, and job training. The emphasis that Stand Down places on building community and connection is mission critical and leads to transformational healing.

Read the interviews of Dr. Jon Nachison and others filmed at the annual Stand Down.

JustUs existential struggles of the Mestizo culture

JustUs is a 25 minute documentary film produced by Touch Point Productions documenting the existential struggle of the Mestizo culture of Northern New Mexico.  They are Hispanic by way of the Spanish Colonizers who settled around Ohkay Owingeh in 1598.  This caused conflicts with the Indigenous Peoples, many Pueblo tribes.

Learn more about the Mestizo Culture

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