Home Boy Joyride

Home Boy Joy Ride is the first film in the Called From Darkness documentary series which explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery. Cessation of the drug is just a beginning and slowly through grace, gratitude, and humility the miracle of transformation occurs allowing former addicts to find joy, meaning & purpose.

Home Boy Industries is the living model of community and transformation. It is the starting point on a joy ride that takes people suffering from addiction, isolation, and marginalization to heaven on earth. This is where individuals come together to heal themselves and each other and rebuild their communities by finding meaning and purpose.

Home Boy Joyride Trailer

What is Homeboy Industries?

Father Gregory Boyle: Homeboy is the same principle as drug addiction. Rehab is not for those who need it, but it is for those who want it. So a lot of people need it, but we don’t coerce people to come here in the same way you wouldn’t with drug rehabs. You know, do people want it and it takes what it takes in recovery. .You know it’s something that turns the light switch on, but nobody can do that for anybody else. You just have to get to a place where it makes sense to walk towards the light or walk towards health.

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