Journeys on the Red Road

Journeys on the Red Road is a 23 minute film produced by TouchPoint Productions with Salish Tribes of the Pacific Northwest. The word journey connotes the interior quest for the meaning of one’s life. Profound spiritual experiences usually come after great loss and a massive dose of humility. Connection with something greater than oneself and authentic community can provide the impetus for transformational healing that evokes emotional and spiritual honesty.

Journeys on the Red Road Trailer

About Journeys Down the Red Road

In the years between 2010 and 2019 467,000 Americans died from an overdose…The people of the Salish Sea were hit particularly hard due to the predatory practices of the pharmaceutical industry. Substance use disorders have always been problematic in Native communities. What has been neglected in this reportage is the fact that people recover their lives by finding meaning and purpose. Moving from hopelessness to community and connection. Transforming one’s life from a Native American point of view comes with spiritual practices that promote compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and a belief in something greater than themselves.

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