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Welcome to Recovery Café | Documentary Film

What is  Recovery Cafe?
“Recovery Cafe is a community of belonging, healing, of becoming.  It is a place where people who are often ignored and not valued are given loving attention and valued. It’s a place where people come back to life.”
Killian Noe
Recovery Cafe Founder

Community and Connection

The Community
Recovery Cafe’s are a network of community oriented centers where radical hospitality is always on the menu. These are not drop in centers but beautiful spaces which are about recovery support and helping each other. This is a membership organization and the entry fee is walking through the door drug and alcohol free, showing up for a weekly recovery circle, and to giving back by being a part of the community.

Recovery Cafe Voices


Ruby “Like any other spiritual discipline you show up for it, you practice it and then by grace, gift, miracle something beyond us, it takes.”
Eliott “Everyone here is viewed as a spiritual being having a human experience.”
Vicki “This community holds people accountable.  We have to show up, give back, clean up but it is our home, our community.  We own it.”
Terri D. “This cafe is so amazing!  They have grown into knowing what the people want, not what they want from the people.  That’s what I get from the cafe.  What can we do for you?”
Killian “I believe that this is a community where all of us remind each other every day in a thousand different ways that we do belong to each other and boy, that is joy, to know that you belong to a people.”
Tiffany “We believe in radical hospitality and that when you become a member you are here to be known and loved.”
Tony “Recovery circles are a strong way from keeping people from slipping back into their addiction because we build a strong foundation around the individual by providing friendship and community.”

Director's Perspective

I started interacting with Killian Noe, Ruby Takushi, David Coffey and the cafe staff and members of the cafe in 2017.  I have just finished this amazing documentary which \ took many years to complete as I was working on six documentaries simultaneously so I guess I saved the best for last.  Through the years I’ve documented this community’s commitment to finding a way out of no way.    When new members walk through the door they are greeted with love and respect.  After they recover from the shock of being treated and perceived as an important member of the community they are able to have a dependable supportive environment, good food, conviviality, and opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth.

As an outsider documenting this community it didn’t take long for me to feel the love which bridges the gap in helping people who were struggling with loneliness and isolation to know that they belonged.  The ambiance of acceptance and inclusion had an immediate of me and the crew.  I kept showing up over years to complete this documentary.  Killian Noe has been able to shine a light into the tomb like darkness and transform it to a womb of creative transformation where people come back to life.

Paul Steinbroner
Welcome to Recovery Café

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