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Stand Down is all about getting all the social services that Veterans need to get them off the streets and into productive lives. Instead of running all all over the county we have dental, legal, medical services all in one place. Plus it has the advantage of giving people who feel isolated connection and community. Dr. Jon the founder of Stand Down calls it a cross drug free Woodstock festival combined with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Stand Down is an annual event that plays out in over 300 US cities. It was designed to leave no one. This Can-do attitude connects Veterans with services such as legal, dental, housing, medical, and job training. The emphasis that Stand Down places on building community and connection is mission critical and leads to transformational healing.

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Stand Down Interviewes

Why did you decide to do this?

Dr. Jon Nachison: Stand Down was started because so many of the people who were homeless in America were Veterans. They’ve become invisible, they are part of the urban landscape and so we walk by them and we don’t even see them but right now the problem is really escalating and the escalating is due to the number of aging Veterans that are homeless. These are people who served their country, who have fought for their country in many situations but are now living on the street without any recourse to medical care. Medical science is telling us that people who are homeless tend to age more quickly than people who are not. The science is saying that basically somebody who is homeless is 15 to 20 years older chronologically than they would be otherwise if they weren’t homeless. The problem is they kind of gave up their youth in a way to serve this country and now they are homeless. I think we need to care and it is a shame on us as American citizens. They are part of who we are, some of them are the best of who we are.

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