TouchPoint Productions Trailers

Home Boy Joyride

Home Boy Joy Ride is the first film in the Called From Darkness documentary series which explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery. Cessation of the drug is just a beginning and slowly through grace, gratitude, and humility the miracle of transformation occurs allowing former addicts to find joy, meaning & purpose. Purchase the film.

Soul Sanctuary

Soul Sanctuary—The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is community and connection.

Beit T’Shuvah is a sanctuary where people find meaning and purpose through Torah study, therapy, group sessions, community engagement and choir. Purchase the film.

Stand Down

Stand Down is all about getting all the social services that Veterans need to get them off the streets and into productive lives. Instead of running all all over the county we have dental, legal, medical services all in one place. Plus it has the advantage of giving people who feel isolated connection and community. Dr. Jon the founder of Stand Down calls it a cross drug free Woodstock festival combined with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Purchase the film.

Journeys on the Red Road

Journeys On The Red Road is part of the Called From Darkness documentary series which explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery. It takes time but through humility and gratitude the miracle of transformational healing comes about and with it a commitment. Purchase the film. 


JustUS is a 25 minute documentary film produced by Touch Point Productions documenting the existential struggle of the Mestizo culture of Northern New Mexico.  Purchase the film.