Called From Darkness Documentary Series: Official Trailer

Called From Darkness is a documentary series currently in production that provides hope, answers and illumination to the question of the spiritual dimension of addiction. This project has been filmed with Fr. Greg Boyle and the Home Boy Industries in East LA, at the Standown an annual bivouac in San Diego for homeless, traumatized and addicted Veterans. Our crew has filmed at the NW Indian Treatment Center in Washington State and with Killian Noe and her colleagues at Recovery Cafe which is a place of becoming and belonging for people who have suffered through addiction and or mental illness. We have filmed in Colorado with interventionists, the Hornbuckle Foundation, and the Sober Souls and in New Mexico where the death rate is horrific we filmed with Fr. Richard Rohr and community activists. And in West Los Angeles we filmed with Beit T’Suvah, a synagogue and treatment center that helps people find their meaning and purpose .

Please join us on this journey of discovery as we push back against the perception that “those kind of people” tend to be addicts. This past year has been the worst ever for overdose deaths in the United States and we are dedicating this series of films to those who have addicts in their family and those who have lost family members to this disease. Together we need to transcend our collective pain to make our families and communities more inclusive, forgiving and purposeful.

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