Welcome to Recovery Cafe

When people come into our cafes for the first time they are on the threshold of choosing something new.They are in a liminal space and it is scary because we all know the familiar and what we have done in the past but we don’t know where this new path will take us.

We all have layers of inner wounds. Out of those layers of wounds emerge many ways of being in the world that create pain for us and often for others. Ways like shame, blame, anger, and self loathing . Those ways of being in the world create pain and isolation. There is so many ways to numb pain.. not just drugs and alcohol, there’s shopping, digital devices, there’s gambling.

Some of us develop unhealthy dependencies on control, and security approval and even on our own suffering.

Our recovery circles are the places where we can be honest about all the way we numb our pain and all the ways we need recovery. It’s the place where we can practice new ways of being in the world. New ways of being in relationship with each other. 

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