10 Ways To Prevent Drug Use


  • 1 )Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure

Some people, particularly teenagers and young adults, experiment with drugs just to portray a cool image in front of others. Avoiding Peer pressure is one of the 10 Ways To Prevent Drug Use. They do it to fit in among their circle of friends. Some kids wrongly believe that doing drugs or consuming alcohol will make them more acceptable and popular with other kids. Not giving into peer pressure can and will prevent drug addiction.

10 Ways To Prevent Drug Use Peer Pressure

  • 2) Develop close family ties

Research indicates that people who share a close relationship with their families are less likely to become drug addicts. The guidance and support provided by the family makes it easier for a person to deal with life pressures and stay away from all types of harmful substances. The same is true for having a close relationship with good friends that are responsible and trustworthy

10 Ways To Prevent Drug Use Family Ties

  • 3) Learn coping mechanisms

Many people abuse drugs and alcohol in order to numb negative feelings. To prevent abusing drugs for this reason, it is important to learn healthy coping mechanisms. Everyone feels sad, lonely, isolated, ashamed, embarrassed, unworthy, and other negative emotions at various points in his or her life. There is nothing wrong with feeling these emotions. The best way to deal with these emotions is to learn how to properly process them, which may include talking to someone, writing in a journal, exercising, meditating, and more. Through knowing the right way to cope with these thoughts and feelings, a person will not be tempted to numb them through drugs.

10 Ways To Prevent Drug Use Coping

  • 4) Abstinence

Abstinence is the best way to prevent drug abuse or addiction. Some drugs are highly addictive; with many people developing addictions immediately after first time use. For some people, it is easy to never touch drugs. However, for others, it can be incredibly difficult, especially for people experiencing peer pressure or who are in chronic physical or emotional pain. In these cases, completely abstaining from drug use can take a lot of skill and willpower, much of which can be gained by following some of the other tips on this page.

  • 5) Education is one of the most important top 10 Ways To Prevent Drug Use

Education and knowledge is power, which is a true statement regarding drug use. Knowing about the risks, health and legal consequences, and other information about drug use will provide many people with a stronger reason for avoiding drugs. Although some people will use drugs even when they know the consequences, many people abuse drugs without being aware of them. When people are unaware of of the health risks involved, it may make them more susceptible to abusing drugs.

  • 6) Live A Healthy Well Balanced Life

Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly is another way of preventing drug and alcohol addiction. Being healthy and active makes it easier for people to deal with life stresses. This in turn, reduces the temptation to rely on drugs and alcohol to deal with stress. A healthy diet and regular exercise promote feel good chemicals into the brain.

10 Ways To Prevent Drug Use Eating a Well balanced diet

  • 7) Take Time For Yourself

Modern life is filled with stress, which can increase a person’s risk of abusing drugs, or developing a drug addiction addiction. With the ease of receiving work related emails or phone calls on a mobile device, many people find it hard to leave work at the office. This is added to the pressures of family obligations, social activities, and commuting to work. This causes many to deal with states of chronic stress with no time to take care of themselves and relax. Chronic stress causes many physical and mental health problems, which can lead to a person turning to drugs and alcohol for relief. People can prevent some of these triggers by taking optimum time to relax, practicing Mindfulness and take care of themselves. This could include setting aside a few hours a week to journal, read, sauna, catch up on sleep, or even turn off the cell phone for one day a week.

  • 8) Employ Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness activities such as yoga & mediation have been shown to help manage negative emotions, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Engaging in these activities will decrease many of the common triggers of drug abuse, including negative emotions. It has also been shown to provide some mental illness help.

Use Mindfulness

  • 9) Only Use Prescribed Medication

Although marijuana is often called the gateway drug, avoiding it is considered on of the top 10 Ways To Prevent Drug Use. Prescription pain killers are now one of the most common ways that people become addicted to drugs. Opioid pain medication can be addictive, especially when not used according to the prescription. Many people who become addicted to opioid pain medication find themselves turning to heroin because it provides a similar high but is often easier to procure, and cheaper to obtain. However, the lethal dosage amount of heroin is not regulated, and many people inadvertently overdose because the quality and strength of the drug. Whether they remain on the prescription or turn to illegal drugs, prescription drug addiction is becoming a problem that can be solved by developing a healthy management system, using it only when necessary, and only as prescribed.

only prescription drugs

  • 10) Get Professional Help

One of the best ways to prevent drug use is to seek help for mental illness or behavioral health problems. When a person feels overwhelmed by stress or emotions, talking to a therapist helps manage the situation so he or she will not feel the need to turn to drugs. Treatment will also help those who already find themselves abusing drugs.

Get professional help


– Published by Contributor May 17th, 2019 

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