Neurochemistry of Relapse & Recovery

A fresh perspective on the science of pain and how it influences recovery from opioid dependency.

The reasons that people give up their compulsive use of psychoactive drugs vary, but they almost always include survival. This film explores the phases of recovery; detoxification, initial and long term abstinence and recovery. The neurochemistry of the brain’s memory function is explored using compelling animation, providing viewers with new insights. Memories are closely tied to relapse and interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals provide a window into the most daunting obstacle to any stage of treatment – relapse. The film focuses on understanding the origin of the craving and learning ways to effectively control them.

Recovery is a life-long pursuit and relapse is an insidious specter waiting in the wings to derail the journey. Interviews with people on that journey allow viewers to learn from the real-life stories that are used as a thread throughout the film. The Neurochemistry of Relapse and Recovery presents the “whys” of relapse and the “how’s” of remaining clean along with a clear message of hope for those committed to recovery.

Watch the preview of Beyond Opiates above.

The full length film can be purchased here, or you can rent the film online here.


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