Roots of Addiction: Drug & Behavioral Compulsions

This updated version of one of our most popular videos, Roots of Addiction: Drug & Behavioral Compulsions takes a fresh look at the ways biological and environmental factors contribute to addictions and compulsive behaviors. Research shows that any addiction results from a combination of inherited, learned, and practiced behaviors which can be treated and prevented. Alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications; illegal drugs including cocaine, heroin, and marijuana; and behaviors such as eating disorders, compulsive sexual activity, and compulsive gambling are also addressed. This video presents a fascinating look at the quarrel between old brain cravings and new brain reasoning and how these conflicts play out down to the cellular level. The information is presented with creative animation, live action, and appealing easy to understand graphics.

The full length film can be purchased here, or you can rent the film online here.

“Roots of Addiction is excellent overall! Great scope meaningful speakers. Perfect for courses in substance abuse as well as client education groups. One of the best I’ve ever seen!”

–Noah Young, PhD,
Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology; also a full-time clinical supervisor at the Tarzana Treatment Center and Psychiatric Hospital

“Very well done. Representative of a cross-cultural view of addiction. Contemporary in each theme and accurate in its information. A keeper!”

–Deborah Senna, PhD,
Human Services, Chemical Dependency Studies Program, American River College
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